Business Architecture: The Missing Link


Strategy is a long-term statement that guides enterprises. Along with vision, values and purpose, it defines the framework that organizations adopt and the structure they adhere as living beings. Then, this constraint spreads to all members, setting a path and rules to follow. In this context there is a lack of orchestration regarding governance of transformations.

How do we organize projects in a synergic way that optimize resources while following strategy effectively? Here is where The Missing Link[1] plays a fundamental role.

The Missing Link

The Missing Link has three core elements that creates an essential framework to follow strategy effectively:

  1. Target Business Architecture
  2. Transformation Plan
  3. Business Architecture Practice

1. Target Business Architecture

As with many architecture endeveours, a clear picture of current situation is needed. So the first thing is to have an As-Is representation for business architecture. Then, given strategy elements, a To-Be must be defined along with the roadmap to get there. The To-Be becomes target business architecture. Now that we know our goal and how to get there, we need a plan that guides us towards.

2. Transformation Plan

Given a target business architecture and roadmap, now we need to guide strategy implementation. Strategic projects are defined but the need of orchestration persists. The order in which projects are executed has to be initially defined. Then it must be monitored because changes to priorities can happen. Also, partial changes can be applied in an agile way so that we incrementally achieve our transformation goals and be closer to target business architecture.

3. Business Architecture Practice

As part of our organizational culture, the enterprise architecture practice must be a critical success factor. Specifically the business architecture practice can’t be an option: it’s mandatory. Business capabilities, their current and future state, have to be managed, documented and traced to strategy.


The Missing Link is really what its name states. There always was a strategy formulation, an empty space and then projects being executed. This framework fills that empty space giving critical elements that guarantee projects are being executed making sense relative to strategy. Definitely, a must-have in enterprises.

Your comments are important so we can share knowledge, ideas and thoughts about business architecture.


[1] Hadaya P., Gagnon B., Business Architecture: The Missing Link in Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Execution, 2017.

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